How do I join the closed membership POSITIVELY ALIVE support site? 

Positively Alive welcomes new members. 

The process for membership is as follows:
  • Make contact with Alan Brand, Positively Alive Site Creator and Administrator on email for approval:  albrand@iafrica.com 
  • Confirm that you are a male and HIV+
  • Confirm you’re either gay, bisexual, transgender or a man who has sex with other men
  • Agree to the few requirements of the site regarding confidentiality, privacy and in respect which includes not using the site for obtaining sex, making sexual advances on other members and nudity is not allowed
  • Alan will send you a link to the “Positively Alive” site to an e-mail address that you are comfortable to receive notification on. (A private e-mail address such as yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail is recommended) Please note that nobody else on the site can see your e-mail address other than the administrator of the site
  • A link in the invite will take you to the closed members’ only site where you will be asked to confirm that you meet the requirements and are aware of the rules of the site
  • The invite should come through to you immediately unless it is being blocked by your server as spam. If you do not receive the invite soon please let Alan so he I can send the invite link in an e-mail format
  • All new members will need to be approved by the administrators of the site
  • Create a password and join the site, create your profile either using your own name or a display name of your choice
  • The site respects confidentiality and hence you only need to upload a profile picture if you are happy to do so