All members of the site are invited to join the support group sessions. These workshops are free and attendance is only for Positively Alive members.

What are the group sessions about? These support group sessions are aimed at providing a safe and friendly environment for members of Positively Alive to meet and share their feelings, emotions, what they are currently dealing with, concerns, joys and just have a great time of being with others that are in the same situation as themselves. Although the sessions are about meeting members as often as possible the sessions do have a theme and a learning component. While members share their experiences of being on treatment, nutritional supplement use and much more the learning is only one component. The greatest gift of the support group sessions is the love care and support freely given and shared between the members.

Support groups/forum meetings are currently available in Johannesburg, Pretoria + Cape Town.

Positively Alive also promotes other LGBTI support group meetings and provides information on where these meetings are available on the Positively Alive website for our members.

In this network HIV+ Gay, Bisexual & Transgender guys have total freedom to be Positively Alive©