Are you HIV Positive, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender and living in South Africa?

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This Internet site is intended to provide a safe space for HIV positive guys where they can feel confident in knowing that everybody on the site is in the same boat.

The Web site is pretty much what the members want it to be:

  • Meet other HIV positive gay guys (the site currently has 500 members)

  • Participate in discussions (there are currently 665 blogs and 200 forum topics)

  • Share your concerns, experiences & ideas

  • Get advice & information

  • Meet friends

  • View informative video clips (120 video clips have been loaded by the members)

  • Over 1500 pictures have been added, one of the many ways members can add a personal touch to their profile pages. 

  • Join one of the social or discussion Group’s on the site such as:Regional Focus Group Include:
(Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Kwazulu Natal)

  • Others Interest Groups Include:
Positive Sport
Ageing with HIV
Parents Group
Knowing the Facts
Recipe’s and Immune Wellness
Poz Dating

The Pink Flamiingos - focus group for the young guys
  • Attend the forum/support group meetings and other social events
  • Create a Forum and get answers from the members: E.G. of Forums
  • Recommended HIV Specialists and Treating Doctors
  • Magnetic or Mixed status HIV Couples

  • What are your legal rights when living with HIV at work?

  • Cd4 Vs Viral Load - help needed

  • HIV in the News
  And much much more....

Membership of the site is by invitation only to protect the confidentiality and privacy of members:

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(NB the closed members only domain can not be accessed through search engines such as Google etc. You can only access the site through a personal invitation and hence once you are a member your privacy is protected through your own created user name and password)

In this network HIV+ Gay, Bisexual & Transgender guys have total freedom to be Positively Alive©
A poem by a
Positively Alive member

Written by Matt - 2013

Go, I say, I want you to go.
There are things you can’t understand or even begin to know.
Go, I say, I want you to go.

There was once a whisper of a scream, I felt it inside.
These are the things, the things, I’m not willing to confide.

Don’t cry; don’t let your eyes miss your tears.
This is the closing curtain, the final elaborate bow.
There’s something out there beyond those blackened fears.
Go, leave, this is the time, this very moment, right now.

Please go now; please, I don’t want to feel,
Please just go boy, don’t make it a big deal.

I promise I still feel, don’t believe me, but it really is true,
It’s just I’ve learned to survive, alone and without you.

Go, I say, boy, I want you to go -
It’s just something you and I will never ever know.

[Matt, 2013]
A member of the Support Network, Positively Alive©.

"Red The colour which isolates me..."